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Steady cash flow is essential to a successful company. RMS has the knowledge and experience to help you ensure your cash flow is pulled back into your company as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Revenue Management Solutions seeks to help companies assess their receivable processes and determine improvements that can be imlemented to better handle credit, collection and receipts processing.

Get the consultation, training and project oversight you need to ensure your processes are as efficient as possible to get those credit dollars turned around faster!


Whether you need help to establish an in-house A/R structure, analyze an exsiting receivable area, install an automated collection system or even outsource all of the collection functions........we can help you achieve your goals.


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Outsourcing - add an arm...not a body

(published Virginian Pilot, January 27, 2012)

I have been confronted from the very beginning of my career with how to fully and adequately collect on an expansive receivable that contain both large and small customer accounts. Huge organizations vs. mom and pop businesses require  different approaches in order to obtain prompt payments.  Since the Collections area is a cost center, it behooves us as managers to work as efficiently as possible and utilize tools that allow us the biggest bang for our buck 

Often the challenge was developing  processes and procedures that would adequately blanket the total receivable to guarantee all past due accounts were collected. Current accounts needed gentle reminders and many customers regarded the collection department as their one stop dispute/complaint center ..time allocation and staffing  did not stretch far enough. Due to limitations small balances and secondary charges were relegated to non-essential tasks; however these balances add up and need to be fit into the routine.   





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 You need to reply on steady cash flow and must also compete by providing credit to your customers.  At RMS, we are here to help you ensure that your tools and procedures are the right ones to get the job done.

We can diagnose your receivable situation, identify the areas that need improvement and assist to organize for better business. We offer an overview of the evaluation with a written assessment of recomended improvement.